Traveling in GTA 4

Time Traveling in GTA 4 Made Possible with a DeLorean Mod Based on the Back to the Future Movie

One modder with the username Seedyrom15434 demonstrated a new hacked version of GTA 4, which surprised fans of the Grand Theft Auto series game. The modder demonstrated how he created a time traveling feature that is based on the Back to the Future movie in a video that can be found below. According to the modder, various types of mods have been tried on developing this content. The modder did not make this available for download on the internet. The Delorean is the car used in traveling through time. The DeLorean looks just the same as the car in the Back to the Future movie. Two devices are used to enable time traveling including plutonium and time circuits. The time travel is automatically enabled when the DeLorean travel at a speed of 88 miles/h. When the car travels at a speed of 88 m/h, fire and smoke will appear and the car will automatically convert into a time traveling machine. This is an incredible modding gta 5 hack in the GTA series game. This mod is only available for GTA 4 but it already get players wonder what kind of mods hackers will be introducing for the GTA 5 game. You can visit the slideshow to the left to see the screenshots of the time traveling DeLorean mod in GTA 4. To get the latest news on GTA 5, please remember to press the Like Me button on Facebook or become my follower on Twitter.

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